Many people read or hear about cybersecurity, attacks from the Internet on IT infrastructures, phishing software that steals data from users, or ransomware that encrypts data and thus causes great economic damage.

For some years now, data has increasingly not been stored locally, on one's own computer or notebook, but rather in the so-called "cloud". This "cloud", i.e. cloud, is server storage provided by a provider, accessible through the Internet via password-protected access. Since this data is increasingly being kept outside of the physical device memory, many software users do not even know where and how often their data is stored, also duplicated through data backups.

Unfortunately, there is also abuse of these modern data structures by third parties who try to take possession of this data in order to use identity theft, extortion or revenue from sales to advertising companies as a source of income. In the event that the person concerned is still alive, it is already very uncomfortable for them to deal with this risk of data tapping and data misuse to the extent that they at least limit unauthorized access to their data. However, it becomes more difficult for relatives and surviving dependents, who usually have no knowledge and, therefore no overview of where and via which programs, paths and end devices the deceased person booked data memory, stored data and created user profiles. However, these are continued, stored and continue to exist for third parties as a target of misuse as long as this data is not retrieved and then deleted and user profiles are logged off and also deleted.

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